New instructions to the market appear to be on the up but with our hugely popular open days now a regular occurrence within the market place, many are being snapped up incredibly quickly.  Our message to prospective buyers is therefore a simple one…ACT QUICKLY!  Easy to say, but many have found it difficult to implement with mortgage monies still difficult to come by and the notorious ‘Agreements In Principle or AIP’ giving many buyers a false sense of security.

Just one example of this was with a buyer keen to proceed on one of our properties.  They were assured by their high street lender that their mortgage was agreed but when it came to making their offer and subsequently moving forward, they were told the earliest opportunity available for the resident broker within the branch of the bank they hoped to borrow from (let’s say it starts with N and ends in ationwide) to complete a full application was in three weeks’ time, on a Tuesday afternoon!  There was every chance that they would lose the property as a result save for…Super and fully Independent Mortgage Advisor.

Not only was our Independent Mortgage Advisor able to place the mortgage with the same lender, but he was able to do so at 6pm the following evening! 

Why not contact us directly if this Super service is something that could appeal to you?

In regards to the market as a whole, as I say, activity is definitely on the up however, we are far from complacent.  With a huge selection of quality buyers and tenants registered with us, we need quality homes to meet demand.

We will provide an award winning service for a fare fee and if we can’t either sell your property in 4 weeks or let it in 2, we will do it for half price!


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